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Migrating Notes Applications

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Migrating Notes Applications

The Notes Pipeliner provides flexible, easy to use migration for IBM® Notes® Applications and Quickr® to XML, HTML, PDF, MHT and Microsoft SharePoint®.

The tool can migrate and export any Notes Application - standard Notes Databases such as Teamrooms and Discussions, complex Custom/Bespoke Applications of your own design, and IBM Quickr - recreating Embedded Views, Sections, Doclinks, Attachments, Rich Text content, Custom Quickr Forms and providing familiar User Navigation.

And after handling hundreds of Notes Applications over the past 5 years, we have the experience and expertise necessary to migrate your Application environment safely, quickly and accurately.

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Migrating Notes ApplicationsOverview
Select entire Applications or target specific data based on Date, @Formula or View/Folder and migrate to different formats - for example data older than 5 years to HTML, and data newer than 5 years to SharePoint.

Recreate Folder & View Hierarchies and automatically provide Export Maps - navigation as per the original Notes Views - for familiar End User navigation.

Automatically upload exported data to SharePoint, creating Document Libraries and Columns using Notes data from your Applications, while retaining Application Navigation and Cross-Database Doclinks.

Document Layouts, View/Folder Navigation, Embedded Views, Sections, Graphics, Doclinks, Attachments, Embedded Objects, Custom Quickr Forms and Response Hierarchies (including non-standard hierarchies) are all preserved, resulting in a familiar experience for End Users.

And because Notes applications have many different designs, exporting is based on customisable XSLT Stylesheets and Notes Forms, ensuring output can be easily tailored for each individual application. Administrators can further customise the tool using @Formulas and Powershell.
Migrate any Notes ApplicationMigrate any Application
Migrate any Notes Application, including standard Notes Databases such as Teamrooms, complex Custom/Bespoke Applications and IBM Quickr, all from one simple interface.
Multiple Target FormatsMultiple Target Formats
Migrate your Notes data to XML, HTML, MHT, PDF and Microsoft SharePoint, or any combination of the above.
Recreate App UIsRecreate Application UIs
Recreate Application UIs, including Colours, Layout, Graphics, Tables, Embedded Views, Sections, Doclinks etc.
Recreate NavigationRecreate Navigation
Automatically create Export Maps from the original Notes Views or your own customised designs, providing familiar End User navigation.
Tick Migrate Notes Applications and IBM Quickr to XML, HTML, PDF, MHT and Microsoft SharePoint.
Tick Migrate entire Applications, or executes multiple criteria based on dates, document sizes, folders, @formulas etc.
Tick Quickly identify and prioritise your most used and important Applications.
Tick Profile driven for easy management of multiple Applications, e.g. all Teamrooms.
Tick Create Folder hierarchies and Export Maps, based on the original Notes Views.
Tick Recreate Notes Embedded Views, Sections and Doclinks - within and between Applications.
Tick Recreate extended Quickr characteristics such as Custom Forms.
Tick Supports non-standard Response Hierarchies for complex Applications.
Tick Automatic upload to SharePoint, including creating Document Libraries and Columns from Notes data.
Tick Uses XSLT stylesheets, Notes Forms and Powershell for easy and flexible customisation.
Tick Provides full fidelity for Addresses, Images, Attachments, Embedded Objects and Rich Text.
Tick Creates Export Logs that can be used as the source for further processing.
Tick Optionally relocate Databases after a successful export.
Tick Supports multiple character sets & languages.
Tick Retains document metadata.
Tick Retains Folder structures.
Tick Leaves source data intact.
Tick Logs all actions & errors.

Example Clients
  • KNMT

    Quickr migration to SharePoint.
  • Singapore Power

    Singapore Power
    3rd Party Archive Mail migration to Office 365.
  • Yara

    User Self-Service NSF and PST uploads to Office 365.
  • Heineken

    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • Hastings Deering

    Hastings Deering
    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • DXC

    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • AMEC

    Notes Mail migration to Exchange.
  • US Steel

    US Steel
    Self-Service Mail migration to Office 365, Quickr migration to SharePoint.
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